Rebekah Balboni, LCSW
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    My Approach

      I offer long and short-term therapy for children, adolescents, families, couples, and individuals. My style is empathic, collaborative, accepting, engaged, and, when necessary, directive. Therapy is not easy. It is a commitment. But my unique style brings a sense of humor and playfulness to the room, which allows my clients to sometimes enjoy their change process. I use a collaborative approach in generating treatment goals. If something isn’t working for my clients, I encourage them to communicate openly with me so that we don’t get stuck.
      I focus on my clients’ strengths and stay committed to what my clients state they want to change. I use a blend of treatment methods, depending on the issue presented; however, I have extensive experience and training in the area of family systems work and also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused, narrative and gestalt therapy techniques. When working with children, I include the caregivers in treatment as this has shown to increase rates of treatment efficacy. For more detailed information about how I work and my philosophy, look in the "How I Can Help" section
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    Family Therapy

      I specialize and have a particular interest in doing family therapy. Not only has my professional experience taught me, research also indicates that to work successfully with children and adolescents, it is necessary to also work with their parents/caregivers. However, family therapy does not necessarily mean having all family members in the therapy room week after week. Family therapy can and often does include doing some individual, couples, sibling, parent-child, and/or multi-generational work. I tailor my work to meet my clients’ needs and goals.
      Being part of a family can be hard. Growing up, becoming independent and trying to negotiate life gets tough. During times of high family stress or transition, kids often act out. Outwardly, young people seem to be communicating to their parents that they want to be left alone. They can act in hurtful, rejecting and unappreciative ways. Ironically, however, these are the moments they need their caregivers’ support and attention more than ever (although once they reach adolescence they are highly unlikely to admit it!). Obtaining guidance around how to support their child(ren), considering each child’s unique personality and developmental stage, can be invaluable.
       In my therapy room, family members have the opportunity to “try on new hats,” or experiment with new ways of trying to relate to one another. My role is to point out when family members fall into their comfortable yet sometimes unhelpful way of relating to one another and then to encourage, or even sometimes direct, them on how to do it in a more supportive way. Tasks are often assigned for families to practice in between sessions. While I have specialized training in working within the family system, there are situations where individual therapy would be the most appropriate method of treatment.

Fees and Insurance Information

My fee will be discussed during our initial free phone consultation.
Credit cards and flexible savings account debit cards accepted.

You may be eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. You may wish to call your insurance company to find out how much your plan covers for an out-of-network provider. I can then provide you with a receipt of clinical services provided for you to submit for partial reimbursement from your insurance company.